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about eventshaper

Eventshaper is an online event registration platform.
Our system offers you features on all stages of event management.

publish website

Enter all the information about the event, select how you want your website to look like and publish it with one click!

invite people

Import the list of people that you want to invite and stay in touch with your potential guests.

register guests

Collect all the guests' details and payments with the registration form.

check attendance

Use our web application to swiftly register your guests at the entrance.

our portfolio

Thanks to eventshaper, event organizers were able to host events for customers like

benefits for the organiser and participants

Eventshaper, participant registration and management system, will facilitate your work and utilisation
of its features will benefit you and the participants of your events.

Benefits of using eventshaper as your participants registration platform

Thanks to eventshaper you will quickly and effectively organise events of any type. Eventshaper will not only aid you on every stage of conference organisation but will also take care of automating any time-consuming tasks and processes.

See for yourself how much time, energy and resources you can save.

Fill in basic information about the event, add speakers, sponsors and partners, create event agenda and configure the registration form. Based on the provided data, the webpage will be automatically generated and you can publish it with a single click.

You don't have to be an IT specialist to build the event webpage.

You may use predefined page templates, as well as adjust the appearance according to your needs thanks to the website editor. In a simple manner not only will you change colours, layout and images but also make the generated page one of a kind.

The webpage of your event will look exactly as you desire.

Sending electronic invitations and the correspondence module features will allow you to efficiently communicate with the participants. You may easily and quickly create personalised mailings and follow their statistics. Intelligent filters will aid you in precise choice of addressees.

Thanks to advanced mailing capabilities, communicating with attendees will be easy and effective.

Are you organising an event in two languages? No problem! Eventshaper will generate two webpages:

  • yourevent.eventshaper.co - in English
  • yourevent.eventshaper.pl - in Polish

The correspondence module will also take care of sending emails in the proper language.

Eventshaper participant registration system is being developed by professionals who utilise modern web technologies and continuously update the platform. Event organizers have a wide range of solutions at their disposal which empowers the quality of service.

Eventshaper works flawlessly on desktop computers, tablets and smartphones.

Eventshaper was designed from scratch with care for security. Our system utilises cloud computing technology, encrypted databases and storage as well as newest infrastructure solutions. That is why you can focus on your work without the need to bear the costs of implementation and maintenance of IT infrastructure.

You data is safe within eventshaper and it be accessed only by you.

Thanks to eventshaper, participants will easily register for your event and gain access to latest content on your webpage. They will also receive an electronic confirmation of participation and can register at any time of day.

Modern event organisation is also a great convenience for participants.

for whom is eventshaper


Eventshaper is a system of wide range of applications related to event industry. It is popular among event organisers, event agencies and even among companies which organise training and workshop events, courses and congresses themselves, no matter the industry.

Thanks to eventshaper you are able to manage any event requiring prior sign-up like:

  • conferences
  • science conferences
  • congresses, symposia
  • courses and trainings
  • seminars
  • fairs
  • rallies, reunions
  • integration trips
  • corporate events and parties
  • sports events
  • concerts, festivals


Eventshaper platform enables cooperation with an organiser who acts on behalf of other companies. Entities such as event agencies, hotels, professional event managers or conference centres can successfully expand their offers with every eventshaper feature.

Eventshaper will perfectly work among organisations which organise events for their own needs or have separate event departments. Eventshaper capabilities can also be utilised by entities like:

  • event agencies
  • pharmaceutical companies
  • universities and science institutes
  • training companies
  • businesses, no matter the industry
  • public entities
  • government organisations
  • unions, foundations, NGOs
  • IT and Telco businesses
  • law firms

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